Painting in Waldorf Education

Dick Bruin og Attie Lichthart

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Utgitt av AWSNA – The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America -. Boken inneholder en CD Rom hvor 60 illustratjoner til bokens tekst finnes. På engelsk, heftet, 215 sider.

Fra utgiverens introduksjon:

For some time we have been searching for a comprehensive book on painting through the curriculum, and we believe that this title will be of benefit to all English-speaking Waldorf teachers and parents.

The uniqueness of watercolor painting as a significant component of child development requires understanding and study. This effort comes from two seasoned Waldorf teachers, Attie Lichthart and Dick Bruin from Holland, who do an admirable job providing sound reasoning, practical advice, clear exercises for teachers, and beautiful examples. It is also appropriate that this work originates from Dutch colleagues, the home country of so many master painters.

this book is accompanied by a CD Rom wiyh sixty colorful and black and white images referred to in the text. Ynless noted, all paintings and drawings were created by Waldorf students. These images are in high resolution and many are either viewed on screen or printed as a folio to accompany the text.

We hope that this book serves you well.

David Mitchell, AWSNA Publications.