Chalkboard Drawing

Paul van Meurs

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In this book, Paul van Meurs has taken step-by-step photographs of the many pictures in this book and described the construction. So following the text and illustrations, you will be able to reproduce many of the examples. He presents us with a great variety of possibilities for producing chalkboard drawings. From a movement, a line, an area, a colour and a sketch.

«Being able to draw is a gift, a talent. However it is possible to develop that talent. This book provides you with many tools to create a satisfying and joyful result as well as a means to further develop your skills. Several techniques are provided in this book, as well as a brief description of the essence of the colours.»
Peter Giesen

Paul van Meurs was a Class Teacher for 22 years. He has since worked as an advisor for Steiner / Waldorf Schools. in this capacity he helps Waldorf teachers and teams develop and express their teaching skills. He also gave Chalkboard Drawing tutorials at the annual Summer School in Zutphen, Netherlands.
This book is the result of years of research into chalkboard drawing techniques.

Utgitt av Mercurius. 224 sider, stort format og rikt illustrert.